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Train - elephant accident prevention project

The state of art solution proposed to minimize train-elephant collisions by our group to the transport ministry has been implemented as a pilot project by the Sri Lanka Railways. Initially one camera has fixed in EMD M3 591 locomotive which frequently undertake assignments in Eastern routes (Trinco and Batti). This is the first time in history that locomotives come up with thermal cameras to avoid accidents to wildlife. We as a group take the pride of this move though the authorities did not acknowledge us in the launching ceremony. 

1. Assist on Railway station Improvement Project

Latest project :

2. Historically significant Locomotive restoration & exhibiting work

3. Railway landmarks photography

4. Write ups on Railway related issues

Research work

1. Prevention of elephants - railways accidents

Latest update : Presentation at the Transport Ministry on Elephant - train Accidents 

2. Low cost solutions for locomotive cab improvement work

3. Assessment of archaeological value on SLR & its properties

4. How to promote railways among local & foreign tourists

5. Feasibility analysis on Railway based cargo/freight handling network

6. Internet based Tour planning using railway network