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BlackBox Control - GPS Vehicle and Real-Time Business Intelligence Reporting for the Railway Industry

BlackBox Control provides integrated telematics solutions from field hardware through to dedicated software or web browser environment. We collaborate with clients to define their requirements and rapidly deploy a customised solution integrating hardware, firmware, data centre and reporting modules to meet real-time, near real-time or store and forward needs.
BlackBox Control is being embraced by astute businesses in the railway, mining and government sectors that need real-time information on their business operations.
A range of railway-related features have been developed for customers over the years. Leveraging hardware specifically for remote area based GPS tracking and telemetry applications, BlackBox has developed hardware specific to the needs of rail operators.
Our special projects division has assisted with purpose-engineered mounting brackets, housings, dual cab solutions, antenna and other cabling requirements to meet the needs for different locomotive types, track maintenance equipment, HiRails and work gangs.

Tracking reporting for the railway and transport industry

You can use the standard BlackBox features to access data, produce reports or send data into your existing management applications. Very little training is required to use BlackBox. BlackBox solutions can be personalised around your preferred communication options. This includes Telstra Next G cellular, GSM, satellite, and long and short range radio options.
You could even mix and match to meet challenging site conditions and requirements for duplication. Other options available include incident notification, asset utilisation, RAG reports, speed compliance, fatigue management, and job reporting applications.
BlackBox has options ideal for tracking, telemetry reporting and hour metre reporting. You can readily personalise the solutions to suit your needs and BlackBox can provide specialist consultation.
Once installed in your vehicles and assets you will receive a report at the nominated intervals that allows you to get your finger on the pulse of your business.
At your office the control centre software is used to produce reports and monitor your selected business rules. You can also view the asset's location and activity on detailed maps.

GPS tracking solutions for the railway industry

Key rail-related features include:
  • Live information
  • Monitor activity by asset or train ID
  • KM location display options to aid operators with location on track
  • On / off rail detection for HiRails, with auto-adjustment of reporting frequency
  • Permission to enter railway options
  • Status input options: e.g. locomotive needs fuel, maintenance equipment operating mode and HiRail driver is alert
  • Locomotive stopped detection with auto-reporting rate adjustment
  • Simple to use application
  • Proximity reporting
  • Proactive alerts through in-built events manager
  • Filtered access: display location to your users or customers by train number relevance
  • Flexible and adaptable to your evolving needs

Enterprise asset management solutions for the railway industry

In addition to the enterprise control centre software application, a browser module is also available for corporate deployment and this includes the following features:
  • Google maps
  • Personalised features
  • User-friendly
  • Reporter module
  • Local administrator control
BlackBox is positioned as an enterprise asset management solution provider in Australia. The company has specialised in the provision of personalised solutions that have been readily deployed across a large range of asset types. By controlling the entire solution from hardware to firmware, the company is able to readily adapt the solution to meet the needs of corporate and large business customers.
The solution's positioning as a platform for location requirements and telemetry has seen BlackBox secure large contracts with organisations with diverse fleet needs. Sub-fleets can be added at any desired rate as contracts and needs dictate. Subcontractors can operate through a simple Google Map based browser and can also deliver data to a corporate system if all parties are in agreement. By collaborating with a team of technology partners, BlackBox is able to introduce companies with experience and knowledge to expedite further development and integration requirements.

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