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February 2013

The state of art solution proposed to minimize train-elephant collisions by our group to the transport ministry has been implemented as a pilot project by the Sri Lanka Railways. Initially one camera has fixed in EMD M3 591 locomotive which frequently undertake assignments in Eastern routes (Trinco and Batti). This is the first time in history that locomotives come up with thermal cameras to avoid accidents to wildlife. We as a group take the pride of this move though the authorities did not acknowledge us in the launching ceremony. 

October 2012: Mr. Asela K. Kulatunga

Asela joined the 1st passenger train of recently imported S12 Push pull units to the Fort Nanu Oya ICE on 19. 10.2012. This train starts 08.10 am from Fort, stops at Gampaha & Peradeniya up to Kandy. It leaves Kandy 10.50 am and reach Nanu oya by 2.00PM. On the way to Nanu Oya it stops at Peradeniya, Gampola, Navalapitiya, Hatton, Talawakele. The return journey starts at 2.50 Pm and reach Kandy by 6.00 Pm and return back to Fort by 6.10 Pm and reach Fort by 8.37 PM. This train contain 1st , 2nd and 3rd class carriages.


December 2011 : Mr. A. Kularatne

A observation saloon was refurbished recently by the SLR at Maligawatta yard by Locomotive foreman Mr. A. Kularatne under the supervision of Mr. B.A.P Ariyaratne, GM of railways. The interior of the OFV16038 was fully refurbished with new adjustable leather seats and wash room with new fittings. The outer look of the OFV was given an attractive look due to the art work of Kandyan dancers. This was released to the service on 16.12.2011 to the second Intercity train ply on weekends only to Kandy.


September 2012: Mr. Asela K. Kulatunga

An artcile on Narrow gauge Railways written by Mr. Asela Kulatunga originally appeared in The Island News paper is published on one of the famous Rail fans webs recently. We believe that. this shows the our commitments and service towards rail fanning globally.


June 2012 : Mr. Mangala Perera

Mr. Mangala Perera is attached to Sri Lanka Railways for nearly 25 years and presently employed as a grade I locomotive driver is the Upper division. He is from Ambalangoda area and a product of Ambalangoda Dharmashoka Vidyalaya. He has diverse interests originated from his school days. He was a 1st XI cricketer for school and posses strong interests to classical music too. Apart from these interests, he is a good explorer of nature and a rail fan too. 

Mr. Mangala Perera's recent rail fanning tour to EU

This tour covered several countries of EU: Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Check republic, Austria, Norway.

May 2012

Mr. Sanath Wickramaratne, return back after completing a common wealth Railway training programme held in Pakistan for last three months. Apart from the training programme, he had network with number of railway experts and technical personnel from many common wealth countries. Further he had some communications with Pakistan railway authorities regarding famous EMD G12 locomotive fleet belongs to PR.

April 2012

An artilce written in Sinhala language about the re-carnation of NG loco No 531 for the Dayata Kirula exhibition was appeared in Vidusara educational and scientific journal. Although there were some negative comments regrading the typo errors on the timeline of the article appeared in one of the social networks, many commended the article.

March 2012

A newspaper article written by Asela Kulatunga was appeared in local news paper " The Island" on Narrow Gauge Railway restored by SLR for Dayata Kirula Exhibition. The Newspaper has given wide coverage to the article featuring couple of photos and an indexing the article in the front page.

February 2012

The narrow gauge railways back on track due to untiring efforts of one of our founding members Mr. Sanath Wickramaratne. He manage to restore loco # 531 and built two new passenger carriages using old under frames of the KV line carriages.  This train was operated in Dayata Kirula exhibition and that was one of the main attractions of the exhibition.

September 2011

One of our founding members, Mr. Nilupul Wickramage, published a sinhala short story book for the first time in the countries biggest annual book fair in BMICH. Although this publication, does not directly  link with railways, there are some inside experiences he gained during his long standing 25 years of service.